Why New Residents?

New residents in your area are a group of potential customers like no other you have approached before. These customers are actively seeking out neighborhood stores, shops and restaurants to provide them with services and products to fill their daily needs.

Since families that move are five times more likely to become loyal than the average, established consumer, new residents are an extremely valuable audience and a source of long-term revenues.

Creating loyal customers out of new residents in your area each month can boost your business with additional profit to rapidly grow your business or simply add dollars to your pocket

The Move

Moving is a life-changing event that forces individuals and families to create new personal and business relationships.

Offers and invitations from businesses and organizations are warmly received during the moving transition as individuals and families begin to craft out their new life.

Some compelling statistics:

» Average new homeowner household income is $88,100. [1]

» New movers spend more on average in their first six months than a typical consumer does in three years, totaling nearly $170 billion every year. [2]

» Studies show that new movers are five times more likely to become long term customers compared to a settled household. [3]

» Response rates with new resident mailings are often higher than other direct mailing campaigns; we have seen response rates from 8% up to 50% -- depending on the offer.

» Experts assert that families who have recently moved are highly motivated by an internal need to replace what they had lost by moving into a new area. They desire to feel "settled in their new surroundings, and therefore will actively seek out new restaurants, salons, banks, health care professionals, recreational activities, fitness centers, pet suppliers, auto repair specialists, and home care professionals.

The Benefit

New residents are a unique market segment ― a group of consumers who are trying to find businesses and retail venues to serve them. Community businesses that use The Welcomemat and greet these newly relocated customers with special invitations are putting themselves ahead of the competition by creating the beginning of a loyal business-to-customer relationship.

Please contact us and we will guide you through the simple steps to get started.

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