The Welcomemat
The Welcomemat™ Package
The Welcome Mat Envelope The Welcomemat™ mailing package is designed specifically to introduce new residents to their neighborhood retailers and service providers. The Welcomemat’s focused outreach, high quality and professional design sets it apart from most other ordinary mail packages.

When new residents open The Welcomemat’s oversized package (6 inches x 9 inches), they are greeted by a warm welcome letter from their new community that congratulates them on their recent move. In each package behind the welcome letter is a series of (8.5 inches x 5.5 inches) Welcomemat Gift Checks.

The Welcome Mat Envelope Each Gift Check is sponsored by a Welcomemat registered client. As part of The Welcomemat service to our clients, we create each Gift Check with a variety of design options that may be customized and tailored to ensure optimum customer presentment. Through The Welcomemat design process, clients are able to add their incentive, logo, convenience map,signature, and any other information they may want to share with those new to the area.


As a Welcomemat client, you maintain category exclusivity in your target mailing area. This means that if you sign up with category exclusivity in a mailing area, then no other “like” business (based on our exclusivity chart) in your category can join The Welcomemat™ package in that area.  If a category is already occupied, a potential-client can register to be on TheWelcomemat waiting list for that mailing area.


The technology that Welcomemat Services, Inc. has employed enables new resident information to be bar-coded into every Welcomemat Gift Check. Barcodes are uniquely imprinted on each Gift Check, allowing our clients to find out which new residents have responded to their Gift Check offers. Our clients need only to send all of their redeemed Gift Checks back to Welcomemat Services in the provided pre-printed envelopes to receive free tracking and information reports.

Our clients can then use Welcomemat Services, Inc. free customized tracking and information reports to learn more about the demographics of those visiting our use the information for additional mailings, thank you notes, etc.

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The Welcomemat™ Bounce-Back Program

The WelcomeMat Bounce Back PackageAs part of our premiere Welcomemat program, Welcomemat now offers an automated thank you note generated and sent out to those who recently visited through the initial Welcomemat mailing. This second touch is designed to help lock-in  loyalty and confirm a long-term successful relationship with those moving to your area. 

The Welcomemat™ Process

Welcomemat Services, Inc. compiles a monthly list of new residents throughout the country. The data is gathered from public records, utility companies, magazine change of addresses, etc., and is scrubbed and verified through our proprietary technological systems. Welcomemat Services then uses this data to create each client’s outreach strategy.

Our clients decide how their “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Gift Checks will look. We have several check designs each business may choose from, or our clients can create their own look within pre-set guidelines. Then our clients decide which mailing area they would like to reach. Each mailing area has a varying numbers of new residents each month, so companies may decide to greet a small area of new residents, or many.

Each Welcomemat Services representative is trained to advise our clients based on each client’s budget, target-customer location, and demographics.
Franchise Opportunities
Marketing Strategies
We work great with a large variety of business types as advertiser clients. Having such a diverse customer and prospect base creates freshness and diversity in our welcome packages, and means there are many potential advertiser clients for Welcomemat franchise owners to target:
• Restaurants
• Car Washes
• Salons
• Hardware
• Dentists
• Veterinarians
• Auto Centers
• Retail Boutiques
• Entertainment Centers