Cultural Edition
The Welcomemat Cultural Edition

Welcomemat Services is now offering its exclusive welcome program for the arts in select cities across the nation. The cultural Welcomemat program is a greeting package delivered to new residents in an area shortly after a move.


The package contains a collection of gift certificates from participating cultural and entertainment organizations inviting each new resident to visit and experience each respective venue. The technological sophistication of the Welcomemat program is providing some of the nation’s premiere cultural venues with access to sophisticated marketing analytics designed to provide in-depth information about the new population moving into their respective locale.


Many studies have concluded that it takes nearly 18 months before a new resident visits a cultural venue. The cultural Welcomemat program helps speed up visitations and reduces the lag time between a move and a cultural visit. As well, the cultural Welcomemat program provides a wonderful opportunity for new residents to quickly learn about the amazing cultural organizations in their cities.


The Welcomemat program has been utilized for 6 consecutive years in the Atlanta area and has been recognized as one of the most successful and technologically powerful marketing tools by those cultural organizations who participate in the program. The program has been expanded to Charlotte, NC for 4 years and is now being offered in other cities.


Participating organizations include art museums, children’s museums, science museums/planetariums, botanical gardens, zoos, theatres, operas, symphonies, and more. To see if the Welcomemat cultural program is being offered in your city, please contact us.

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