Lifestyle Segmentation

What is Lifestyle Segmentation?

Have you ever wondered what your best customers are reading? What about their level of education, and furthermore, what about their likes and dislikes? Welcomemat Services, Inc. in a partnership with Claritas, one of America’s leading marketing firms, is now providing your business with an unprecedented view and description of your top clients as determined through the Welcomemat Services, Inc. patent-pending barcode tracking system. Recognized by USA Today and PBS’s Wall Street with Fortune as one of the nation’s top marketing segmentation tools available to business owners, PRIZM® NE provides you with a unique and powerful ability to look into the lives of your business’s most profitable customers. Through your PRIZM® NE data extrapolated by Welcomemat’s barcode tracking system, you will be able to see evolving trends and shifts in your area populations allowing you to stay far ahead of your competition by thoroughly understanding your customers.

How is the information compiled?

The PRIZM® NE system takes common characteristics of every household in the nation and breaks each household into 1 of 66 lifestyle clusters. The clusters are built around U.S. Census data as well as libraries of sociological, anthropological, and psychological information – including public records, consumer surveys, third-party databases and its own proprietary surveys. This highly technical segmentation system is utilized by thousands of marketers at leading Fortune 500 companies all across the country.

How can I use this information?

Simple answer…to increase your customer base and increase sales!

Lifestyle Targeting. Once you have determined the types of lifestyles your best clients maintain, you can focus your marketing efforts on similar lifestyle groups. For example, if most of your clients fall into the “Country Squire” lifestyle cluster whose main interest is country club sports such as golf and tennis, then it might be in your best interest to partner up with a local golf or tennis club in an effort to get in front of those types of consumers.

Product Selection. Understanding your clients’ lifestyles can positively affect product selection or menu choices. For example, if a large amount of your customers fall into the “Young Digerati” cluster who enjoy coffee bars, juice bars and microbrews, then it may be beneficial to add a line of fruit drinks or smoothies to your summer menu.

Birds of a Feather. The old adage birds of a feather flock together holds true for your consumers. Those who enjoy similar tastes often run in similar circles. Understanding who your most profitable clients are and what they like can help you in your search for the “profit flock.”

Additional Benefits. Additional benefits of segmentation include spending fewer dollars more effectively on marketing, new product or service initiatives, décor selection, additional site location research and more.

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