Geo Sourcing

What is Geo-Sourcing?

Understanding the geography and areas surrounding your business can provide enormous benefits. Welcomemat Services, Inc.’s proprietary geo-sourcing technology allows you to clearly see the streets and neighborhoods where consumers who redeemed your Welcomemat gift certificates live.

How is the information compiled?

Welcomemat’s proprietary geo-sourcing technology captures information through the barcode redemption database and plots residences based on the latitude/longitude of each address. This technique helps us accurately identify the streets and neighborhoods where your customers live.

How can I use this information?

Simple answer…to increase your customer base and increase sales!

Area Targeting. By understanding which areas surrounding your business location are producing visitors, you can better understand your business and focus on the consumers who are most likely to visit your location. For example, if through the geo-sourcing you determine that Welcomemat is producing a number of new visitors from a specific neighborhood down the street, then it may be beneficial to send out a quick mailing or drop some information off in that specific neighborhood about your business.

Additional benefits of segmentation include spending fewer dollars more effectively on marketing, new product or service initiatives, décor selection, additional site location research and more.

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