Barcode Reporting

What is Welcomemat’s Patent-Pending barcode reporting system?

The barcode reporting system, offered with the Welcomemat mailing program supplies businesses and organization who participate with the name, address and demographic information for each new resident who visits their location through the Welcomemat program. Our clients use these reports to track ROI, send additional mailings, thank you notes, etc.

Self-Addressed envelopes for sending in redeemed offers are supplied to each business and organization who participate in the Welcomemat program.

How is the information derived?

Unique barcodes are imprinted on each invitation allowing Welcomemat clients to find out which new residents have responded to their offers.

How can I use this information?

Simple answer…to increase your customer base and increase sales

Clearly Track Your Advertising DollarsWelcomemat Services provides the answer to the most frequently asked question in advertising – “How do I know if my marketing & advertising dollars are being spent effectively?” Welcomemat’s barcode reporting system allows businesses and organizations an empirical measurement on the success of the Welcomemat program each month.

Understand Who Your Customers Are – The barcode reporting system provides a demographic summation of all new residents who visit through the program giving each business and organization another dimension in understanding more about their newly gained clients.

Save money in advertising - By determining which demographic is visiting their store most often, a business or organization can highly target their marketing efforts allowing for more effective use of their marketing dollars. Businesses and organizations are also able to determine what exact geographies are producing the most new clients providing an additional resource for determining where to spend additional marketing dollars.

Build Loyal Customers – Through the barcode reporting system and the address information supplied, businesses and organizations can touch the new resident client again by sending thank you notes or additional offers to encourage loyalty.

Grow Your Business Like Never Before - Through the use of the barcode reporting system and all aforementioned advantages, businesses and organizations are able to grow their businesses and organizations like never before!

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