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Making A Difference Through The Welcomemat Eco-Friendly Initiative

Making  A Difference Through The Welcomemat Eco-Friendly Initiative

We also understand that our forests are one of our greatest defenses against global warming and emissions. Beginning in 2008, Welcomemat Services, implemented an eco-friendly initiative that supports environmentally sound practices.


The Welcomemat Services eco-friendly initiative includes using high-quality papers that are certified by sustainable forest organizations. The types of certified papers are endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Federation - Canada, and ForestEthics. The papers are certified by the world's leading authority in ensuring that environmentally sound practices are being used in every step of the paper production process.


In tandem with using the high-quality certified papers, Welcomemat Services will utilize programs for production that use emission-free, wind-generated electricity to save energy. Using certified papers ensures that working forest land is harvested in a way that promotes regeneration and sustainability. The sustainable forest initiatives protect areas of natural wealth, endangered wildlife habitats, soil, and water quality in addition to safeguarding legal wood harvesting practices and respecting indigenous communities and worker's rights.


At Welcomemat Services, Inc. we understand the importance of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.......

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